Celtic Roots

A lovely present for those who can't make it home this year, let family or friends know you're thinking of them. 

A handwritten card can be placed in with the picture if required at no extra cost

 The Pictures on this page are different shades of green, each one is different in its own unique way.

Approximately 12" x 12" in size  and supplied in its own box. 

Also a really great high quality corporate/clients gift, they have been used as such by a 

number of  companies including IDA Ireland  as a way to promote Ireland around the world.

Please get in touch if you need any more information or you would like to order a picture. 

 Corporate inquiries welcome.

All the picture are made from Glass. Different techniques are used to create the Pictures, from firing the glass 

in a kiln to creating Trees, handmake from copper wire using up to 30 meters of wire.

 Each of the picture below is finished off in a handmade off white wooden frame and is set in its own presentation box

I will be e-mailed an image of the picture that will be sent to you before payment is made.  

Best wishes and thanks for visiting my website


** There are destination limitations on the international shipping charge.