Fergus was born in Dublin and is a self-taught glass artist studying and working with glass since 2006. His Celtic design range of glass Jewellery was available in the National Museum of Ireland and the Library shop at Trinity College Dublin. His work can be found in Private, Corporate, and Government  collections here in Ireland and internationally.  With a background in horticulture, it is understandable why Fergus takes inspiration from Nature and how Trees grow according to the environment that surrounds them. Pictures are created from glass with contrasting colours that are used to represent the ever changing Seasons, from the warm colours of Spring and Summer to the dramatic glowing colours of Autumn and Winter. These original contemporary 3 dimensional pictures are a New and Exciting approach to Wall Art. Fergus handcrafts trees from strands of copper wire, some coated with Silver or Enamel, using upto 30 meters for each tree. The trees enhance the picture by creating a 3rd dimension, even casting their own shadows in the changing light.


Fergus is a member of the Merrion Square Artist Association, the Glass Society of Ireland and he is registered with the Design & Craft Council of Ireland.

His studio in Dundrum is set at the foot of the Dublin Mountain.