Gallery standard “Art in the Garden” 

One of the most overlooked elements of garden design is probably the lack of original Art. By including art in the design
it will help create  atmosphere,  blending harmoniously with the garden space making it look more like a living room.

 The “Art in the Garden” collection is specifically created to hang outdoors just as a traditional
picture would. They look and feel as if they were just taken from an Art Gallery.

Fergus’ original 3 Dimensional Glass Art which will not fade in the sunshine, is surrounded by a specially designed,
moulded weather  resident frame. The frame has superior weathering qualities and has a durable long life resistance to
natural ageing. 
Framed original 3 dimensional Glass Art enhancing the outdoor living space in a unique way. As glass reflects
light in so many different ways, the picture will appear to be changing colour  as the day drifts from Sunrise to Sunset no matter
what time of the year it is.  " Art in the Garden" helps to draw yours eyes outdoors rewarding you with the vision of the 
art and
the beautiful colours nature brings to the garden, no matter what the season.
Please contact Fergus for more information T: (00 353) 087 417 4186 or